Welcome to Antony Woodland Garden's Q&A where you can post your questions for our Head Gardener Richard.

What sort of questions can I ask?

We have hundreds of varieties of trees from camellias, magnolias, and rhododendrons to birch and great oaks. As such we have vast knowledge to share and you can ask pretty much anything you like.  For example, you might have a favourite tree in your garden and you want to know how to prune it. Maybe you want to know if it needs feeding during the growing season. Perhaps you've noticed some odd-looking marks on the leaves and what to know if you should take action?

Antony Woodland Garden
View towards the Lynher Estuary

You can ask questions about shrubs and flowers here too. We have some fabulous wildflowers at Antony Woodland Garden and we do all we can to create the perfect environment for them to thrive. We will share our knowledge with you so that you can enjoy the festival of scent colour that arrives with warmer weather in your gardens' too.

Where can I read the answers?

Check back here regularly. You will be able to read the answer to your own question as well as browse questions that others have asked, making this a great resource for all.

The Carew Pole Trust is committed to using the garden for research and education for all. Please use the form below to ask your question.

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