To continue to maintain and develop the Woodland Garden as a place of beauty for the enjoyment of many and as a resource for botanical understanding and excellence.

We will do this by:

Garden management

Maintaining the International Camellia Garden of Excellence status and the National Collection status of the Camellia japonica collection.

Prioritising the collections of Camellias, Magnolias, Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas and similar, growing and displaying these to best advantage.

Maintaining and enhancing the collection of specimen trees.

Carrying out new planting that is compatible with the existing collections and the character of the Garden.

Continuing to improve upon the labelling and recording of specimen plants.

Maintaining the character and the historic landscape layout of the garden.

Public access and education

Promoting public awareness of the Garden, facilitating access and enhancing the visitor experience.

Hosting and leading Garden tours and giving talks to gardening groups.

Providing information on all aspects of the Garden for educational purposes.

Recording via the Management Plan details of maintenance regimes, changes to these and perceived results, making this information available to interested parties.

Exploring further ways to develop the Garden as an educational resource at all levels including for young people.


Carew Pole Garden Trust, March 2023.

View down to Jupiter Point, Antony Woodland Garden, Cornwall