Behind every great garden, there’s usually someone with very green-fingers.

Antony Woodland Garden seems like such a natural, tranquil and timeless wilderness, one might think that’s because it’s very much left to its own devices. Let nature take its course and all that…
In fact, the woodland requires a great deal of expert intervention and management in order to flourish. We want to ensure that this lovely garden is an environment that works in harmony with the landscape. We want it to frame the many vistas on offer in robes of breath-taking colour, enhancing the beauty of the land as it sweeps gently down to the Lynher estuary.
Creating the kind of timeless peace and tranquility that the garden offers requires a great deal of thought, expertise and hard graft, however we think it’s worth it. We want to provide our visitors with a place that they can come to recharge the soul, reconnect with the earth and plants, the river and the endless sky above.

Our Head Gardener

We are fortunate indeed that every member of our team is blessed with green-fingers.  However the man with the greenest of them all is Head Gardener Vaughan. Vaughan is a member of the Professional Gardener’s Guild and is the author of various articles for horticultural journals including The RHS Plantsman.
His love of gardening stretches back to his childhood when he could be found pruning, weeding and mowing the family garden. His interest in horticulture developed further over the course of 38 years working as head gardener at Sherwood Garden near Exeter, then deepened when he became involved in plant-hunting expeditions. Vaughan is committed to developing landscapes with sensitivity to the environment.  He appreciates the value of ex-situ plant collections as a resource for the world where ecosystems are at risk.

A Riot of Colour

As Magnolia Caerhays Surprise - Antony Woodland Gardenanyone who has visited the garden will know that in addition to acers and oaks, magnificent conifers and ghostly birch, we have an extensive collection of camellias, magnolias and rhododendron species and hybrids. Vaughan’s broad knowledge of woody plants and their care requirements is invaluable when it comes to ensuring that the riotous display of spring colour, followed by the lush greens of summer and mellow tones of autumn are more spectacular each year. We will reopen on Friday 1st March so you’ll be able to come and see for yourselves. See more information about our opening times here.


Join the Conversation in our Regular Q&A

The Carew Pole Garden Trust is committed not only to welcoming visitors but also to using the gardens for the purposes of research. The Trust seeks to further the study and science of botany and improve the methods and practice of horticulture.
We recognise that all gardens whether large or small are immensely important to our wellbeing and we want to share our knowledge and know-how with others so that they can get the very best from their gardens at home.

Do you have any questions about your garden, or specific plants that you’d like to ask? Do you need some advice about planting, pruning or feeding? Maybe you’ve encountered a problem and need some tailored guidance.                                      Whatever your topic, send your questions to [email protected]     We will publish a regular Q&A feature on our website and you’ll be able to join in the discussion on Facebook too.

With best wishes
The Antony Woodland Garden Team.

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